FloNavi® 3100

FloNavi® 3100

Fluorescence Open Surgery Imaging System

The FloNavi® 3100 Series is compatible with the OPTO-CHD3100 Fluorescence Camera Head, the OPTO-CAM2100 Fluorescence Camera System, monitor and cart. The camera head comes with a white light source and a NIR source. Industry-leading 4CMOS technology enhances visualization of tissue perfusion in real-time. Enable the users to switch between White Light Mode, Standard FL Mode, Color Scale FL Mode, and Multi-Display Mode at any time during surgery. Allowing real-time lymphatic system tracking, tissue perfusion observation, and accurate tumor boundary mapping. The system provides multiple minimally invasive applications and leads the traditional endoscopic system industry into the new era of functional endoscopic system.

FloNavi® 3100
FloNavi® 3100

Imaging Principle

ICG, Indocyanine Green Dye, featured with no side effects, wide application, and low cost, has been clinically approved for many years. It enters the human lymph and blood circulation through tumor surrounding tissue or intravenous injection.
ICG will bind the plasma lipoproteins.
After exposed to NIR with a wavelength of 805 nm, proteins will emit fluorescence signal with a wavelength of 835 nm.
FloNavi® will capture the signal, and fuse the signal onto white light imaging in real-time, to achieve the goal of fluorescence mapping and navigation.


Brilliant High-definition Imaging

The Precision Fluorescence Imaging System

Various Fluorescence Imaging Modes for Open Surgeries



Sentinel lymph node tracing of breast cancer


Autofluorescence for parathyroid gland

Lymph node mapping

Gland perfusion


Liver segments visualization - Anatomical liver segmentectomy

Tumor Identification - Accurate display of tumor location, margin, and microsatellite

Biliary tract visualization - Complex biliary tract visualization and wound repair after hepatectomy

Liver transplantation - Assessment of the vascular and biliary duct anastomosis after transplantation surgery


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