Chasing Dreams for Ten Years Only for Excellence | OptoMedic STELLAR 4K3D Fluorescence Endoscopic Imaging Platform Makes a Stunning Appearance at CMEF


On May 14-17, 2023, the 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF for short) was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center! As a leading brand of functional endoscopy, OptoMedic launched its star product STELLAR endoscopic imaging platform at CMEF, with ten years of technological innovation and pursuit of excellence.

As a high-end medical device for minimally invasive surgery, endoscopes have developed rapidly in the field of 3D, 4K, and fluorescence subdivided technologies in the international arena in the past decade, but there has been a lack of endoscopic products that integrate these three technologies.

Following the launch of high-definition fluorescence in 2018 and 4K fluorescence in 2020, OptoMedic launched the STELLAR endoscopic imaging platform integrating 4K, 3D and fluorescence in May 2023, All in One System, to meet all the needs of clinical operations! Once again, it brings the highest standard of endoscopic technology to Chinese medical care.

Based on the extremely clear 4K white light and the extremely sensitive 4K fluorescence, the STELLAR system pioneered 4K optical 3D technology, bringing surgery experts an immersive 3D experience!

OptoMedic 4K optical 3D technology, from the dual-channel optical 3D laparoscope that can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, to the world's smallest 4K3D camera (only weighs 200g), to the dual-channel 4K image processing control unit, the whole link is self-developed, is a truly innovative model!

Technological innovation brings 3D endoscopic surgery with extremely clear 4K images, extremely realistic visual restoration, and comfort without dizziness! With amazing effects, the CMEF site has been highly recognized by industry experts and professional audiences.

After ten years of hard work, OptoMedic finally did it. The 4K3D fluorescence endoscopic imaging platform, STELLAR, integrates the ten years’ research and development of OptoMedic, showing the OptoMedic’s original intention, endless pursuit of precision.

OptoMedic will continue to strengthen internal drive innovation, provide excellent products and services for minimally invasive medical care, and strive to become a world-class Chinese brand of medical equipment that protects human health.


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