Endless Pursuit of Precision, together with OptoMedic at MEDCIA 2022, explore the world of fluorescence!


The MEDICA 2022 exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany ended perfectly.

During this exhibition, OptoMedic showed its FloNavi® series (fluorescence endoscopy), WhtNavi® series (White light endoscopy) and disposable flexible endoscopy. The ultra-high restoration images displayed by these products have been well received by foreign customers!

Nowadays, in the field of fluorescence endoscopy, OptoMedic has attracted extensive attention worldwide by virtue of its unique technology and strong independent research and development capabilities. At the Medica exhibition, the booth of OptoMedic was crowded with visitors. This fully reflects the strong brand influence of OptoMedic and the charm brought by its products.

As a self-developed domestic manufacturer, OptoMedic will always be technology-oriented, apply high-end optical technology to the medical field according to the needs of doctors and patients, and provide customers with safe, effective and high-quality medical products and services .

Explore fluorescence with OptoMedic, we are on the way.

See you at MEDICA next year!


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