OptoMedic was selected into the 2021 China Smart Diagnostic Medicine List and the Top 10 High-End Medical Imaging Equipment List


On January 9, 2022, under the guidance of Shanghai Baoshan District Science and Technology Committee and Shanghai Baoshan High-tech Industrial Park Management Committee, Baoshan Smart Diagnostic Medicine R&D and Functional Transformation Platform, Arterial Network VB100 hosted the "2021 Smart Diagnostic Achievement Transformation and Industrial Innovation" The Forum" ended successfully in Baoshan, Shanghai.

This forum was led by Ding Jian, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Zhou Gongwei, Deputy Director of the Statistical Information Center of the National Health Commission, gathering top industry experts and innovative business leaders such as Zhou Shaohua, chair professor of the University of Science and Technology of China and academician of the National Academy of Academic Invention of USA, share opinions, collide with ideas, starting from policy, market, technology, clinical transformation, innovation ecology, etc., to explore innovation and development in the field of intelligent diagnosis, aiming to build a domestic first-class intelligent diagnosis industry discussion platform, industry trend release platform and industry high-end talent gathering platform.

Ding Jian, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Researcher of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Zhou Gongwei, Deputy Director of the Statistical Information Center of the National Health Commission

The 2021 China Smart Diagnostic Medicine List took this opportunity to launch in Baoshan, Shanghai, and OptoMedic was selected as the top 10 list of high-end medical imaging equipment!

China Smart Diagnostic Medicine List is a list of domestic smart diagnostic medicine fields for non-listed companies jointly launched by Baoshan Smart Diagnostic Medicine R&D and transformation functional platform and Arterial Network VB100. It aims to select Chinese innovations that truly represent the future smart diagnostic medicine field. Medical practitioners, discover the core strength of my country's future smart diagnostic medical industry, promote the innovation and reform process of the smart diagnostic medical industry, and help scientific research exploration and clinical medical practice.
The 2021 China Smart Diagnostic Medicine List starts from the three value fields of high-end medical imaging equipment, digital intelligent auxiliary diagnosis, innovative in vitro diagnosis-high-throughput sequencing, and explores the most representative and growing innovative enterprises of the year. Select Chinese innovative medical practitioners who truly represent the future of smart diagnostic medicine, and promote the innovation and reform process of the smart diagnostic medicine industry.

Medical imaging provides a very important scientific and intuitive basis for the diagnosis of diseases. By combining the clinical symptoms and laboratory tests of patients, it can play an irreplaceable role in the final and accurate diagnosis of diseases. It can help clinicians to accurately diagnose diseases, so as to assist the clinic to formulate correct treatment plans, evaluate the curative effect, propose the basis for staging treatment, and follow-up observation and follow-up examination after recovery.

OptoMedic's selection into the Top 10 list of high-end medical imaging equipment is based on its four dimensions of core competitiveness, important partners, industry performance, and innovation vitality, knowledge resources, human resources, brand image resources, star products, channel cooperation, industry scale, market share, user scale, value chain position, technological innovation, scene innovation, and material innovation, research a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of 13 secondary indicators of cooperation.


Guangdong OptoMedic Technologies Inc. was established in July 2013, headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, with marketing centers in Beijing and Shanghai, and new product R&D and industrialization centers in Suzhou and Changsha. OptoMedic focuses on the R&D and production of high-end medical devices, including fluorescence endoscopic system, flexible endoscopic system, fluorescence agent, energy platform, robotic arms and other products. Apply the world's leading optical technology to the medical field to provide customers with high-level, high-quality medical products and services.

In the future, OptoMedic will adhere to the mission of "Innovating for better healthcare", strive to build a high-end medical imaging equipment brand, and continue to contribute to smart diagnostic medicine in China and the world!


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