OptoMedic is listed in the 2021 Investment Venture 50


On December 15th, the Venture50 list, known as "the investment value vane of China's high-growth enterprises", was announced. OptoMedic relies on the endoscopy industry's technological strength, market scale, professional services, capital recognition and other aspects. Remarkable advantages, stand out from many enterprises, and top the "2021 Investment Healthcare Venture 50" list!

Figure: Venture50 list released

"Venture 50" was jointly initiated by Zero2IPO Group and the investment community. Since Zero2IPO was founded in 2006, it has accompanied Chinese entrepreneurs to stride forward for 16 years. A total of more than 70,000 companies have participated in the selection, discovering and witnessing countless Excellent start-ups have grown from "sprouts" to "unicorns" and have become the investment vane of high-growth companies. As of November 2021, a total of 70,000+ companies have participated in the campaign, helping companies raise more than $34 billion. In the past three years, the follow-up financing rate of V50 listed companies has reached 68.5%, and the listing rate is about 28%. The successful listing this time is an affirmation of OptoMedic's rapid growth and investment value.

Picture: OptoMedic on the Venture50 list

OptoMedic focuses on the R&D and production of high-end medical devices, including fluorescence endoscopy, fluorescence flexible endoscopy, fluorescence agent, energy platform and other products, which are widely used In general surgery, thoracic surgery, gynecology, urology and other departments, it has been highly praised by clinical experts. Among them, the commercialization of the dual-camera solution leads the global industry technology direction, and the 4K fluorescence intraoperative navigation endoscopic system has obtained the first NMPA registration certificate, reaching the world's leading level.

Pictured: Dr. Pedro TRamirez of MD Anderson Cancer Center uses OptoMedic products for ovarian cancer resection


OptoMedic is committed to applying the world's leading optical technology to the medical field, and will continue to provide customers with high-level, high-quality medical products and services.

Figure: OptoMedic 4K Fluorescence Navigation Endoscopy System


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