OptoMedic -- Always on the Road to Internationalization, KIMES 2023 Ended Successfully


The KIMES 2023 (38th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show) lasted for 4 days and attracted medical industry workers from all over the world.

In this exhibition, OptoMedic exhibited endoscopic products suitable for both open surgery and endo surgery, adapting to various clinical needs. In terms of medical equipment, it creates a better operating environment for surgeons from multiple angles and aspects. On the basis of ultra-high-definition, the flexible use of fluorescence technology helps doctors see what they can see and find what they can't see.

During the exhibition, the visitors had a strong interest in the endoscope products developed by OptoMedic, and they were full of praise for the fluorescence technology and clear imaging. As a global leader in fluorescence navigation technology, OptoMedic will continue to dedicate itself to the road of independent research and development and provide more high-end products.

OptoMedic is the 1st Chinese company received the NMPA license on 4K fluorescence endoscopy system, and most products are CE and US FDA approved. Furthermore, OptoMedic is awarded with “National High-tech Enterprise”, “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”, “New R&D Institution of Guangdong Province”, and “4K Fluorescence Medical Endoscope Engineering Technology Research Center”, “Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise of Guangdong Province”, and…etc.  The endoscopic camera system won the highest score on the "5th batch Excellent Domestic Medical Equipment" under the National Health Commission. What’s more, OptoMedic became the 1st Chinese company that entered the core council board of the International Society for Fluorescence-Guided Surgery (ISFGS).

OptoMedic will meet you in every corner of the world. Stay tuned!


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