KIMES 23-26 Mar 2023 & OptoMedic


KIMES 2023 is coming soon. OptoMedic, a pioneering and leading manufacturer in China developing high-end products and solutions for Minimally Invasive Surgery(MIS), welcome you at Grand Ballroom, booth: G305.

This time, OptoMedic will show you the FloNavi® Fluorescence Endoscopic Imaging System and FloNavi® Fluorescence Open Surgery Imaging System. Based on applying the world's leading aerospace optical technology and engineering experience into the medical field, and throughout the last 10 years non-stop research and development, OptoMedic just like the third eye of surgeons. Not only enhances visualization of tissue perfusion in real-time, but also help the surgical operations to be performed more precisely.

In the spirit of “Endless pursuit of precision”, OptoMedic keeps on innovating and helping doctors and patients all over the world to meet the most complex and challenging conditions.


Grand Ballroom, booth: G305, OptoMedic is waiting for you!


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