Good News! OptoMedic ranked among the top 100 of China’s most valuable investment company in 2021


Recently, the "2021 Seventh China Top 100 Most Valuable Companies List", co-hosted by the China Board of Directors and Yabuli Think Tank, was officially released. OptoMedic stands out among hundreds of companies in the medical industry, and ranks 17th in the top 100 list together with many other leading domestic technological innovation companies. It is the first in the medical equipment industry and the only selected company in Foshan.

Figure | Screenshot of part of the shortlist

About the list

The selection and release of the list of the top 100 companies with the most investment value in China comprehensively showcases the leading innovative companies with the most development potential in all walks of life in recent years, and enhances the attention and support of all sectors of society to leading start-up companies. Since the top 100 list was established in 2015, it has accompanied Chinese entrepreneurs to stride forward for seven years. A total of tens of thousands of companies have participated in the selection, and they have discovered and witnessed countless outstanding start-ups from "seed" to successful listing and received a lot of investment. Recognized by people, investment institutions and authoritative research departments in the industry. As of November 2021, a total of 10,000+ companies have participated in the event, and the threshold for successful financing of listed companies has increased from the initial RMB 10 million to the current 300 million. This s election activity selects target companies based on the guidance of national macro policies and industrial development trends, and focuses on growing companies with stable performance in national strategic emerging industries, objectively measure and analyze the comprehensive strength of the candidate companies, in order to truly reflect the investment value of the listed companies. This award fully reflects the affirmation of investment institutions and all walks of life for OptoMedic's investment value and development potential.

About OptoMedic

Guangdong OptoMedic Technologies Inc. was established in July 2013, headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, with marketing centers in Beijing and Shanghai, and new product R&D and industrialization centers in Suzhou and Changsha. OptoMedic focuses on the R&D and production of high-end medical devices, including fluorescence endoscopy, fluorescence flexible endoscopy, disposable endoscopy, energy platform and other products. Apply the world's leading optical technology to the medical field to provide customers with high-level, high-quality medical products and services.
OptoMedic's products have been installed in more than 400 top hospitals across the country, and more than one-third of the top 100 hospitals in China have purchased OptoMedic's products. In 2021, OptoMedic owns more than 50% market share of fluorescence endoscopy
OptoMedic has completed the A-D round of financing, and has received capital injections from many well-known investment institutions such as Primavera Capital, SDIC Investment, Fortune Ventures, etc. The high recognition of capital reflects the full realization of the investment value of the company. In future, OptoMedic will continue to provide customers with high-level, high-quality medical products and services, and at the same time establish an independent national brand, and contribute to the "Health China Action" by OptoMedic Power!


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